A simple, elegant & robust approach

We always work closely with the client as we see all our assignments as a partnership between Zenon and our client.  Using this consultative process, we design the most appropriate, robust approach to undertake an assignment.

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You have the solutions, and we can help you find them.


An open dialogue with the client every step of the way.

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Julia Tybura, MD and Owner

"When carrying out assignments, we may find some ‘nuggets’ that may not totally fit or deliver the brief, but could be useful to know – we store these and share them with you along the way."
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Get under the skin of the organisation or project

We aim to truly understand the brief and the project and what makes it really tick, analyse the existing data and information and discover who are the true influencers and doers in the system.

Work with the client

You have the solutions – we can help you find them – sometimes in the least likely places and people! The key thing is that we don’t tell you what to do and walk away – we work with you, add value wherever we can and support you in achieving success.

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Deliver on time, on budget

We will deliver the project as briefed with reflection and some ‘aha’ moments along the way – we ensure that our timeline and budget is realistic, appropriate and works for the client and us.

As part of our co-create/co-design/co-delivery approach, we will want to check in key milestones with you and work together if there are any problems with accessing the right stakeholders to meet your deadlines.

Executive coaching & mentoring

Julia is also an executive coach, board director, NED/Trustee, mentor and HR&OD leader who combines practising as an astute, mindful and compassionate coach, national policy level access and thinking with a deep understanding of specific culture issues and their solutions.

A lot of her clients seek coaching support around how they can build a more effective relationship with their colleagues, managers, stakeholders or clients.

Julia has a website dedicated to her coaching, which includes blog posts on managing up and how to build effective relationships.

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