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Non-executive directorships

Julia currently sits on two Boards, including Liaison Group where she is strategic adviser and Non-Executive Director. Her key focus is on growth strategy and senior stakeholder engagement.

Programme Direction

Programme direction is an art and a science.  We help you in defining, planning, implementing and evaluating complex programmes so that the headaches related to programme direction can be taken away from you. We see that the greatest strength of people involved in programmes is knowing all the things that could go wrong and enabling them to overcome them all.

If you are seeking support in programme direction, we have extensive experience in multi-million pound programmes of work with a very high success rate.

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Strategy Development

Developing strategy is not linear or black and white.  It’s also not complicated but it can be complex.

Identifying, exploring and moving from the ‘as is’ to the ‘to be’ can be daunting and exciting.  Sometimes it can be an unknown unknown.

We help you in your exploration so that you make strategies that are meaningful and enable success.

Be it as an individual, an organisation or a system, we can navigate you through the wicked problems and paradoxes we face when developing strategy.

System Leadership

Leading systems is complex, difficult and exciting.  Working with systems on developing virtual wards, identifying and embedding system leadership behaviours and building the system architecture around leadership development is something in which we have huge experience.

All set in a paradoxical context of reset, recovery and capacity building with uncertainty, reorganisation and accelerated delivery. System behaviours and the need to speak truth to power are key, particularly given that the biggest accelerator of change is the tension that every person has between promoting their vision of a better future and still being in a job in a year.

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Zenon’s design and facilitation principles are based on co-discovery, co-design and co-production. Our facilitated sessions are therefore dynamic, inclusive and fun allowing the whole team to interact, ask challenging questions and lead to “light bulb moments” on how to move forward.

Leadership Development

Leaders face daily challenges in the landscape around them such as volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. You have the raw data, but a coach or mentor can help you spot patterns, blockages and a clear path to your goals.

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Coaching, mentoring, career development

Julia is an executive coach and mentor who combines practising as an astute, mindful and compassionate coach with a deep understanding of specific culture issues and their solutions.

Belbin Team Roles

Accredited by Belbin to use their Team Role Preferences tools, Julia has run several highly successful workshops using these tools to analyse the strengths and gaps re. roles within clients’ teams.

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Previous clients include:

Liaison Group

Houses of Parliament

Royal Surrey County Hospital

Bevan Brittan

Kingston Hospital FT

Royal College of Physicians

Anglian Community Enterprise

Health Education England

Exeter University

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